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The poker tournament is a competition of poker online as well as sit and goes and cash games. However, the tournament promises a larger gain, and allows progression to a larger game: the international poker tournament.

A poker tournament is played over a hundred tables and can accommodate up to 2,000 participants. Tournament poker is regulated and the start is defined in advance, unlike other types of tables on which the player can get, play and leave.

Also, the tournament does not expect to complete the number of players at the scheduled start time, it starts. Given the progress of this type of game, the pot is very important and can reach or exceed one million dollars.

However, according to the rooms and the level, entry fees or cellar buy-in and commissions (fee) may be higher. Often the value of the commission led by the site equivalent to 10% of the cellar.

The principle of the poker tournament is to gradually eliminate its opponents, and the goal is to find the final table, and of course, winning. The tournament begins with several tables. The players are the same level for most of the time together to ensure a fair game.

At the beginning of the tournament, players start with the same number of chips. They increase or gradually lose the game progresses, and those who are qualified for the next stage, and so on until the last table.

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