Simple & Basic Baccarat Rules

Before enlightening on the baccarat rules, let’s take a minute to know the basic plot of the game. Existing in three variants, this game of cards is mostly popular in its North American variant, prevalent as Punto Banco. As the name signifies Baccarat is a comparing card game between the bets dealt for a player and the banker in addition to a rare case of a Standoff bet. It is a multi-player game in which cards are mostly dealt by the dealer but player also has an option to do so. The game is generally played with 6 to 8 decks and the baccarat pay out rules applies in the ratio 1:1 for banker and player.

One of the basic baccarat rule says that a player can bet on either Punto or Banco whereas a dealer is permitted to bet on only Banco. Player even has an option to not to deal and pass on the shoe to the next player. If punters are winning successively then shoe remains with the Punto, else it goes to the Banco.

Assignment of card values: Cards ranging from 2 to 9 keep their face value, the picture cards and 10s possess no value and Aces have one point value. Keeping the game simple and sober, Baccarat rules are easy to understand even to the beginners.

Decision on the win: The bets are placed on the two cards that are dealt or on a maximum of three cards. The player dealing has to put two cards face down under the shoe and will also give the player laying the highest bet (Punto) two cards that too face down. The Punto after checking on his cards hands them back to the dealer. For the decision on the win, the dealer will unfold cards of both the hands, for the casino person. The casino personal then announces the winner. Values of cards is added individually for each hand and are valued as per the right most digit of this total.

Highest possible hand value as per the baccarat directions of play and designated values is 9. If either of the hand reaches a highest value of 9 or a 8, then this situation is known as ‘Natural’ and the deal holds accomplished. But, if a player’s hand reaches 5 or less, then a third card is dealt. Ultimately, hand with the highest count wins.

Suppose as an example Punto’s hands have cards of value 4 and 7. It adds up to 11. But as per the Baccarat card game guidelines, the left digit is omitted and casino values only the rightmost digit. So, Punto’s hand total is 1. Similarly if a Banker’s hand says 2 and 5, then it totals to 7. Here, Banker has a higher hand value and wins.

Baccarat seems more as a game of chance, excitement and luck. No deep rooted strategy or expert skills are required to master the game. Baccarat is all about playing simple and winning easy.

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