Online Blackjack Rules

The aim is not to exceed a score of 21, which would mean an immediate end of the game, no matter achieved what point value of the croupier. If the player does not want another card, the dealer can should take another card he have 16 points or less. He stops when he has 17 points or more.

Then the points are counted. If the player or the dealer under 22 points, the one with the higher number of points. If the dealer gets 22 points or more, he has lost. If the player wins, he wins is usually the height of its use, and receives the teams. The croupier wins then the player loses his bet. Case of a tie, the player gets his set money back. , the player may, under certain circumstances, after receiving the first two cards (usually at a value of the first two cards of 9, 10 and 11) to double the bet placed and then receives only a card. Should be equivalent to the first two cards, the game can be shared and two games in parallel.

He then gets to each card one more card, so de facto plays two games at the same time. But it must be set for the newly created game with the same bet as in the first game. After all, no game works without the appropriate rules. These are both easy to understand and exciting, because Blackjack is a thoroughly charming and varied game with always uncertain. Therefore you have a fair chance, we would like you to explain the blackjack rules a little closer.

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