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There is an adage about casinos that says that the house (casino) always wins. Many think that this is because the casino cheats, but they obviously do not know the concept of "home advantage."

The advantage of a home is earning casinos expressed as a percentage of a player's role. For example, if the home advantage 2% means that the bet of € 10 casino earns € 0.2. If a player on each issue put € 1, it will cost € 37 and to have a safe return. But payments to hit one number is 35:1.

This casino has an advantage over every player comes from the fact that the casino does not pay to gain "real likelihood" of the game but slightly lower. Take for example the, which has a total of 37 numbers (36 numbers + 0).

Determination advantages houses roulette is quite simple, while the other games it can be far more difficult and it is not possible to calculate simple math, but used methods of numerical analysis and computer simulations.

For a game in which the necessary skills, such as blackjack, the house edge is determined by the so-called. "Optimal game." A set of rules for optimal play is called basic strategy and depends on the specific rules and the number of decks used. Blackjack with good rules take precedence houses below 0.5%.

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