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Online black jack is famous as the best card game in the online casinos. It is ranked high in all the casinos and, in fact, it falls in the top ten lists of the famous games. This game was basically called as twenty one earlier as the main goal of the players in this game is to produce a score of 21 with the cards which they receive. Online black jack is not played with other players. Many players can participate in one game of online black jack but the game is played against the house in the casinos.

In online back jack at, as already mentioned, the main aim is a score of 21 and you have to produce this score with the hole cards that you receive. Online black jack is played with the regular cards and there are specific values which are given to the cards and you have to remember these values if you want to play this game.

The scores given to the cards numbered two to ten are the face values of these cards i.e. 2 to 10. The aces can be given any value either one of eleven depending upon the players’ wish. The rest of the cards which are king, queen and jack- these are given ten points each. You have to calculate your final values according to these pre-set values.

Online black jack is a luck based game but the bets in this game are totally strategic. It is you who decides when and how much to bet and this way you can control your game to some extent at least regarding bets. All the players, including the dealer himself, receive two hole cards. The cards of all the players are faced-down and one card of the dealer is faced-up and the other is faced-down. The cards are seen and the bets are placed. You have to calculate the score of your cards and you are also allowed to pick up new cards. The player who reaches a score closer to 21 or 21 wins the lot of the online black jack game.

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