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The poker is one of the oldest casino games, which has lost nothing over the years to its charm and is still one of the most popular casino games. A regular poker game in the casino halls is played with 2-7 poker players. But most are 6 or more players so better 7 But there are also variations of poker in which more than 7 players can sit at a poker table. The game of poker at a poker table in the casino halls is played clockwise.

The normal poker is played with a deck of 52 cards and a joker without. The ace in a poker game can have a value of 1 or 11th The poker is almost always played for real money, even when playing in most casinos chips because this is a little clearer, these are later converted to real money. The poker chips often come in denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500, which have different colors from one another better to distinguish the values. These poker chips you can earn at the tables of the poker game.

poker game Most rounds start with a bet. This is set by the dealer is the same for all poker players. The stakes in a poker game are usually placed in the center of the poker table and form the poker pot. Now shares the poker dealer's cards from clockwise. Does every poker player can get his cards are viewing it, followed by another round of betting. The height of the antes but is determined by one of the poker players. This bet the other casino players have to adjust either increase it or they also have the opportunity to get out here from the poker game.

All bets have been submitted to the poker player draw additional cards depending on the game version, or replace poker cards. Then follow further betting rounds. The latest round in a poker game is called a showdown, because here you decide which poker players the poker pot takes home. Win the poker player who does the revealing of cards that has achieved the best combination of cards.

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