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The fact that a player can go from being anonymous amateur to that of a great champion is also what makes them so fascinating poker tournaments. You can pay a small fee to a satellite tournament and end up winning the biggest poker event in the world, the World Series of Poker.

If you want to earn a lot of money playing cash games, you must play with high stakes, and to do that you need a large capital. But the high and the low are sometimes long and to avoid losing everything in a bad password, you must play with stakes to suit your budget.

This is not always the same in tournaments. Some online poker tournaments attract thousands of players, and even if the participants do not fit for a few dollars, grants can quickly become huge. If you want to be able to earn lots of money without spending a fortune, then poker tournaments are for you. Look for good free rolls, tournaments with guaranteed allocations, and other interesting events.

Those where the winner takes all of the "prize pool" (also known as "winner takes all" (winner takes all)), and where the gains are divided (proportionally ranked) between a number of players. The level of earnings is always known before, when registration is closed.

To help you understand what are the best poker tournaments and which ones best fit your game, we made this page a complete guide to poker tournaments. You will find all the explanations of the mechanisms, advantages and disadvantages of each type of event for you to choose the most suitable to your needs tournament.

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