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We also tried to offer some interesting links to our strategy articles so that you can start playing in tournaments being immediately competitive. Our most important advice is this: Do not underestimate the game of video poker before you start playing. You must not only know the rules by heart, but you also have interest to read more articles strategy tournaments as possible to avoid the most common mistakes. Try your luck with best Norwegian casinos here at and make good money online.

As promised, so we will explain the main features of each type of video poker tournaments online, thanks to our summary below - remember that a careless choice can be detrimental to any player.
We are often asked by our readers about what the best video poker tournaments online are. But the whole team Poker Listings is obliged to answer that finding the best poker game is really one of a completely personal and subjective approach according to your abilities, prizes and bankroll (capital) you have. Trusted Agent IDN Poker Online From Indonesian Play With Real Money

Begin by addressing a key point made earlier: the division of the prize pool of a tournament. We must look at how the different lots are divided between the players of the tournament. The allocation of prize money is proportional and it takes place on a scale that may look like this for a tournament 100 players (it is generally accepted that 10-20% of the players are paid).

The first prize winner receives 30% of total earnings (prize pool) and the second 20%, 13% for the third, 10% in the fourth, 7% for the fifth, the sixth 6%, 5% for seventh, 4% for the eighth, the ninth 3% and 2% for the tenth.

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