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They do not have to be, for example, two farmers, but cards of the same value, such as a Farmer and Wife. Matching cards At a fork, the stakes once again be used. Extra on the second card The two cards are placed side by side with both their commitment on top. Each of the two cards are then dealt a second card there. Then the game continues played according to the regular rules. It is possible cards to split multiple times after the first split it can happen that two cards have the same value again, one may then split once.

Blackjack Aside from the fact that the game is so hot, it is also possible to get that 'Blackjack' is called a combination. This is when one gets an Ace and a ten with the first two cards. If this happens it will be paid one and a half times the bet unless the dealer also has a blackjack, then there is a push, a tie.

Insurance As previously mentioned all players including the bank at the beginning two cards. The bank has only one card face up and the second close. If this face-up card is an Ace then the bank will ask the players if they want to insure. The player can now decide whether he wants to put as insurance against a blackjack the bank, half of his bet in this extra commitment is then put on the "insurance line. After everyone now had to draw a map or to adjust the probability the dealer will be closed card do open. If the dealer has blackjack now then everyone loses at the table who does not have blackjack and the bets are removed. If there are people who have insurance then the insurance bet paid double so there is no loss or profit. If the dealer's second card show and does not have blackjack then like all insurance taken away from the table.

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